Makeup Basics: How to Apply Long-Lasting Red Lipstick

Monday, September 03, 2012

Hello everyone! This post is a little late, because I've had quite a few things to deal with, but it is finally up and I hope you guys enjoy it!

So as promised, here's my step-by-step guide to a long-wearing, shaped red lipstick.

Before you start, apply a lip balm and leave it in for 2-3 minutes. I love the Simplicité Angelica Lip Care Balm. It is gorgeous and very moisturising. Then, grab a cotton bud and rub it along your lips to remove any dry, loose skin.

Now you're ready to apply your lipstick.

First, apply your favourite red lipstick. Stay within your lip lines.

Next, use a lip liner to line your lips. At this point, you can shape your lips and draw them as you like. You can draw the line slightly outside your natural lip line to make your lips appear fuller.

Then, using a lip brush, apply another coat of lipstick to your lips. A lip brush will help you control the application of the lipstick and help you create smooth, perfect lines.

Blot the lipstick once you've applied it. This filters it down to a thin layer that you can then build up on. Building up thin layer upon thin layer helps the lipstick last longer than applying one thick coat of lipstick.

Reapply a coat of lipstick, then blot again, then apply again.

Next, using a small concealer brush, apply concealer to the outside of your lip, especially around the outer corners. This will perfect and also lighten the line around your lips, which will make them look more perfect and full. Try to use a moisturising concealer, because the area around your lips is most likely dry and may have some fine lines. A moisturising concealer will help disguise any of these imperfections.

Finally, apply some lipgloss to the centre of your lips. This creates the illusion of fuller lips.

And that's it! Here are a couple of products that I used to create this tutorial.

Some great lipstick shades that match a myriad of skin tones are, as shown from left to right:
Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in True Coral - this is a lipstick with an orange undertone which matches both very fair skins as well as warmer skin tones.
ck one color Pure Color Lipstick in Loudmouth - this is a dark red with a plummy undertone. Plummy undertones suit both warm and cool undertones in the skin.
Lancome Rouge in Love in 163M - this is a red with a bluish base which suits more neutral skins as well as cool skin tones
NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White - this is the most blood-red lipstick I have ever seen! This kind of blood-red colour suits every skin tone and is very flattering on the skin. It really stands out on the skin though, so if you're a first time wearer, be warned!
Australis Show Stopper Gloss Stick in Fireworks - this is for people less experienced with red lipsticks. It is more sheer, and also very easy to apply because of its stick form.

I have posted swatches of these lipsticks below:

L-R: Australis 'Fireworks', ck one 'Loudmouth', Lancome 163M, NYX 'Snow White', Tom Ford 'True Coral'

As I mentioned earlier, the concealers used around the lip need to be moisturising. My favourites are the MAC Select Moisturecover and the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer.

I hope this post helped you! x

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