Foundation Review Series: Chanel Perfection Lumiere

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey guys! Another review in my foundation review series. I am so sorry to those of you who aren't interested in foundation - I myself am absolutely fascinated with foundation reviews, particularly those of bloggers who own and use a lot of different types of foundation. So anyway, on with my review!
Chanel: PERFECTION LUMIÈRE controls every detail of a perfect complexion to offer a tailor-made result, a model of perfection by CHANEL. Its light, fluid texture glides on seamlessly with adjustable yet lightweight coverage for perfect results. The skin-embracing texture becomes one with the face, following its every movement. Its Perfect Skin Affinity complex ensures a second-skin effect and perfect foundation hold for 15 hours.
This is one of Chanel's better bottles, with a heavy, luxe-feeling bottle made of frosted glass. As with all other Chanel foundations, it comes with a pump dispenser that dispenses just the right amount of foundation (for me anyway).

Of course, this is another liquid foundation. The consistency of the liquid is pretty thick, slightly thicker than the Pro Lumiere but nowhere near as thick as cream-based foundations.
It feels fine and powdery upon application, and sets into this matte, slightly glowing finish.

I got the colour 20 Beige, which, if I'm being perfectly honest with myself (I can be in denial sometimes because I feel like I just wasted so much money when I find out that a foundation isn't the perfect colour match for me) doesn't quite suit my skin tone. I am about an NC20 in MAC foundations, and 20 Beige is a very tiny bit dark and slightly yellow for me. My skin tone is neutral to warm, and this is just a little too warm. I think this would be the perfect summer foundation for me, though, because I don't like to tan but do get just a tiny bit darker because of the inevitable walking around in the sun.

I'm not really sure where I sit with this foundation. I love my dewy finish foundations, and this foundation doesn't give me a dewy enough finish. Perhaps if you are a person with oily skin, you would find this much more appealing. It does still manage to give the skin a nice healthy glow, though, which I really like. I suspect that I may like this foundation a lot more when summer rolls around, because the matte finish would probably suit me a lot more when my skin is more oily.

Another thing that I'm not quite sold on is the fact that despite its 'perfect' matte, glowing finish, this foundation offers sheer (but buildable) coverage. For some reason, I expected it to be more of a medium to full coverage foundation. Again, not a deal-breaker but not something I would repurchase for.

Overall, I am still on the fence with this one. It gives me a nice healthy glow, but doesn't give me the coverage that I would prefer in a foundation this luxurious. It would probably work a lot better for someone with oily skin, and less imperfections.

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