Foundation Review Series: Diorskin Nude

Hello everyone! I am back with another review in my Foundation Review Series. This time, it's the brand new revamped Diorskin Nude!

I have always put Dior foundations up on a pedestal, even more so after having heard that Kim Kardashian used a Dior foundation on her wedding day (say what you want about her, that girl's makeup is flawless!). Any guesses what foundation her makeup artist used on her big day??! DIORSKIN NUDE!

So the foundation has had a little bit of a revamp recently, and was re-released along with some divine brushes to give you the perfect 'nude' look. Here's what Dior has to say about the new formulation:
The star product in the Diorskin Nude range, this cult fluid is the essential item on every backstage make-up artist’s table, and is their secret for creating the enhanced nude look envied by all. In 2012, this light fluid acquires a new subtle velvet finish that blends into the skin, to deliver just the right amount of coverage without masking the skin’s texture. This creates a shine-free, natural glow with a bare skin effect. Women who dream of perfect skin texture and a radiant complexion need look no further: this is the must-have product.
If the fact that it's a Dior foundation hasn't already sold you on it, let me persist. Check out the promo image of this release:

How amazingly beautiful is Natalie Portman in this shot?! I don't know how they do it, but she always looks particularly stunning in Dior promo ads.

And just to tip everyone over the edge, here's my review!

I LOVE the glass bottle, the metal cap, the way it's heavy but not too heavy, and the smooth pump. The cap sits firmly on (which is rare even in luxe foundation brands), and overall it looks beautiful and serves the functions that need to be served.

The foundation has an SPF of 15. It has a slightly thick texture, very similar to the Chanel Pro Lumiere, but blends beautifully whether you're using your fingers or a brush.
It also smells lovely, like peaches and cream, but isn't at all overpowering.

Dior has put this foundation out in 9 shades. I have the colour 020, which is a great match for my NC20-ish skin.

I would say that this foundation has sheer to medium coverage. It does well at covering tiny imperfections (though you will need a more heavy duty concealer for blemishes and scars) and evens out the skintone beautifully.

As you can see in the pictures below, sheerer application (with fingers) gives you a much more glowing, luminous finish. When you use a brush to pack on the pigment more, the result is a much more velvety skin.

Applied with fingers.

Applied with a buffing foundation brush.

I am very impressed with the finish that this foundation provides, because it gives you almost a matte finish and yet somehow manages to retain a lot of luminosity and keeps that beautiful fresh-skin glow. It doesn't look at all like you are wearing foundation and yet it puts what I like to describe as a light veil over my pores and any fine lines around my nose and mouth (I adore foundations that don't settle into fine lines). It also does a fantastic job at eliminating shine whilst maintaining that beautiful glow.

I think the best way to describe the finish that this foundation gives is "my skin but better". If you'd like to see how this foundation looks, then check out my latest YouTube video tutorial here:

This is not a long-wear foundation. I found that I started to get oily at around the midday mark, and my acne scars became a little more visible. This was easily solved with the introduction of the Diorskin Nude Compact. Obviously you won't need to purchase both products to achieve a relatively long-lasting base - any setting powder will do. I quite enjoyed trialling the Diorskin Nude Compact though. It is such a versatile product that serves as both a foundation as well as a setting powder.

Its packaging is so luxe, with a magnetic closure and the signature Dior velvet pouch that also houses a wonderfully soft and not at all cheaply made brush, plus an internal compartment for a sponge applicator. Both the sponge and the brush applicators are dual-sided and give you a different finish.

Personally, I loved using this on top of the Diorskin Nude foundation to get that very polished, made-up look that a lot of celebrities (the Kardashians included) are famous for. It is also fabulous for events and long nights out so that you don't have to touch up your makeup and your face looks picture perfect in flash photography.

I will be including both products in a little 'wedding makeup trial' video soon, so let me know if you have any particular makeup looks that you want recreated! In the meantime, here are a couple of fantastic videos of Violette, Dior Makeup Designer, and Yadim, Dior International Makeup Designer, showing you their takes on the Dior Nude look:

The Diorskin Nude foundation retails for AUD 77, and the Diorskin Nude Compact foundation for AUD 92. They launch on September 3rd, 2012 along with the delectable range of foundation brushes, and a beautiful shimmer powder.

These products were sent to me for review and consideration in accordance with this site's Disclosure Policy.


Rola's FOY said...

I am a big fan of this beautiful foundation and had it in #21. Natalie always looks gorgeous.

Hollie said...

Wow, your skinned looked fabulous and not flat!

Emily said...

Isn't she? I drool everytime I see her Dior ads! She is so gorgeous! x said...

Looks gorgeous on you, cannot wait to try it.

Emily said...

Thank you lovely! And you will definitely love it if you're after really natural looking skin! :)

Jayne said...

Just come across your review and its really helpful, especially the makeup tutorials. Off soon to do some shopping.

Aline Araujo said...

Unfortunately my metal cap crashed but I still can use it, of course. But I wish I could get another cap for my foundation. ..

Emily said...

I hate when makeup products break! I hope that you found a good solution! :)

Anonymous said...

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