Tutorial: Anti-Ageing and Contouring Face Massage

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Hump Day! :)

I am finally sharing with you all my anti-ageing, facial contouring massage. I have had amazing success doing this every night, and I thought I might share it with those of you who are committed enough to add this 4-5 minute massage into your nightly beauty routine.

I want to share a couple of pictures first, to show you guys how much it has helped with my puffy face.

These are some pictures taken before I started the massage:

And here are a couple of photos from after I started the massage - these are about 4-5 months in:

I haven't lost any weight - I know because all my pants fit the same :/

So here are the videos! I've broken them up into two parts

Unfortunately, there is a little bit of an error with Part II which I am having rectified, so bear with me for a bit!

The products I mentioned were:

Clarins Lotus Face Oil
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

There are also massage creams on the market (Asian brands do some really good ones), so look around before you settle on a particular product :)

I hope you like the post, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

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