Random Finds: Online Stores and an Asian Thing

Friday, July 13, 2012

So sometimes I get sent stuff that doesn't fit in any one category, but I am either very excited about the brand that is sending me that stuff, or the online store that sells that stuff, or just the items themselves.

This post shares with you some of those items.

So the first item that was sent to me was, in all honesty, probably sent to me in error. This is a first aid kit for mothers with young children, and it is jam packed with every single thing you could ever need for dealing with the cuts, scrapes, and bruises that young children get. They even have a jelly bean packet (this excited me the most, naturally).

Pictured above is a little list telling you the items that you get in your little 'Kiss it Better Bag', and pictured below are all the items in the bag. I'm quite amazed at the number of things they managed to fit into that bag. Now if only I could figure out how to do that with my makeup bag.

Whilst the bag isn't necessarily something that I would get excited about, the site that sent me the bag, is. The site is called Hard to Find, and aside from mommy items like the one above, they also stock everything you, your man, and your kids could ever want, from gorgeous scarves, clothes and accessories, to household items, right down to travel bags and accessories. And they are some quality, stylish items too.

So hop on over to the site to check it out. Be warned, it is pretty addictive and you could end up browsing for hours!

Some other things I got sent that I had to share were these babies from Glow and Glamour. What interested me in particular were the Foot Exfoliation Peeling Sheets. I tried them on my sister, who is always game for something like this, because part of the exfoliation process involved her feet peeling dramatically for about three days.

So the sheets come in these little ankle sock shapes, which you slip on and then cover with a plastic sheet. As an added measure, I got my sister to slip on a pair of socks so that she would be more comfortable (it is winter, after all), and we left the sheets on for a couple of hours. We didn't notice any difference immediately after, but fast forward 24 hours and my sister's feet started peeling. Half a day later, the real fun started. My sister's feet were peeling like craaazy, and she was leaving trails of dried skin wherever she went. Of course, being the total boy that she is, she didn't put on socks or slippers or anything, and instead chose to drag a giant vacuum cleaner around the house once a day. It was hilarious!

Finally, about 4 days after, the peeling stopped, and the gushing started. She just wouldn't stop going on about how soft her feet were. A success? I think so!

Also, drop by their Facebook page to check out their monthly competitions - you could stand a chance each month to win a travel kit containing a lens kit and two pairs of circle lens, or win a USD 10 voucher to shop at their store.

FINALLY! If you have some Asian in you, whether in spirit or blood, you are going to love this! Kleenex has released these new fashion-forward slim wallet packs, which are great little things that you can slip in anywhere so you always have tissue paper on hand. Now that it's the winter, I'm sure many of us suffer from the dreaded leaky nose, so these will come in handy.

Oh, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say it's an Asian thing - we love tissue wallets. They sell cute, customised tissue wallets and we buy them by the truckloads - anything to make our tissue paper packets look more attractive. So when this came out, I immediately thought of all my friends and all the tissue wallets we used to buy in the past. I bet they'd love this pack.

These packs retail for AUD 2.69 for a pack of 6 and can be found at major supermarkets.

So that was my random finds post. I hope you liked it! And in keeping with the theme of the post, please enter my Bioderma giveaway! You could win one of 10 prize packs! :)

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