Product Launch: L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate Collection

Friday, July 20, 2012

L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate collection launches on the 28th of August, and I am so excited about the collection that I just had to share with you the products, so maybe if you were interested, you could check it out as well.

The entire collection, from the scent to the colours, and right down to the packaging, is delicate, floral, and very feminine.

I was sent a few items from the collection, and they all have that beautiful flowery fragrance and gorgeous packaging. I'm just going to put down a quick summary of the items that I was sent:

Pivoine del EDT
You have to sniff this yourself, obviously - all I can tell you is that is smells sweet, delicate, and floral. It lasts decently long on the skin, and at the end of the day dulls down into a pretty baby-powder type smell.

Pivone del Lip Balm
This lip balm has the exact same fragrance as the rest of the line, and has a very slight tint to it. It is also very light and doesn't weigh down the lips at all.

Pivoine del Lipstick
This lipstick has the most beautiful, light texture. It's very sheer, so don't expect much to show up on your lips. It is the least fragranced of all the products but still smells lovely. The range has three different shades - I got the shade Pivoine Delicate, which is a pretty nude-pink with a slight brown undertone. Again, it is very sheer, but has a very creamy, moisturising texture.

Pivoine del Hand Cream
I love the fact that this has a screw open dispenser that doesn't require you to remove the cover - very convenient! The hand cream itself is lovely - delicately fragranced and very light so that it sinks into the skin without leaving an obvious greasy layer behind.

There are also a few other products that come with this line:

  • Fresh Mist, AUD 18: a light mist spray enriched with aloe vera (50mL)
  • Eau de Toilette and Gloss duo, AUD 26: a perfume/lipgloss duo - how genius is that?! (5.5mL each)
  • Shimmering Powder, AUD 38: this comes in a vintage atomizer pump - the kinds you see in films from the 50s :) This contains fine particles of pink and silver shimmer to brighten and illuminate your skin (8g)
  • Lip Shine, AUD 25: lip glosses in three shades, containing a subtle shimmer. Non-sticky.
Are you looking forward to purchasing any products from this line? We all know I'm a total sucker for shimmer, so I really want to try their Shimmering Powder and Lip Shines!

This collection launches on the 28th of August, 2012. I am so going in to check them out, so maybe I'll bump into some of you there! :)

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