Makeup Tutorial: $20 Makeup Challenge

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi guys! I was tagged by my cousin Shelly, and after a month or so of waiting for my products to arrive, and another week or so of filming and editing, I finally have the $20 makeup challenge video up for your viewing pleasure!

Here is the video:

Products used (and amount tally):

Concealer palette: $4.45
Eyeshadow, blush and eyebrow palette: $
Skin Food Eyebrow brush: $4.00
False eyelashes: $1.10 for box of 10

As mentioned in the video, the seller I bought from closed their eBay account before I even received my products, so I don't have any links to the products that I bought, but I did end up finding other sellers with new listings, that ended up being cheaper than the ones that I bought -.-

Concealer palette:
Makeup palette:
Skin Food eyebrow brush (this became a bit more pricey):

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