Product Review: L'Eau de Chloé fragrance

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am very fussy when it comes to perfumes. Only a select few make it into my perfume cupboard, and an even more elite selection from that crop are actually worn on a regular basis.

I know nothing about perfumes, their undertones, overtones, and anything in between, but from the perfume descriptions that I have read, I have deduced that I am a huge fan of woodsy scents. And I mean HUGE. Hardly anything that isn't woodsy ever makes it into my collection of perfumes.

Another thing I know I hate? Citrus. It gives me a headache. I get no refreshing feeling, I don't feel energised and awake. I just get a headache.

But do you want to know the most important thing that there is to know about fragrances? How dynamic and versatile they are. You can never tell exactly what a perfume is going to smell like, no matter how many adjectives and colourful words I use. You can never say that just because a perfume has a citrus tone to it, that you're going to hate it because you hate anything and everything citrus-related. And you can definitely not tell that you're going to hate it just because it's not woodsy. Want to know what perfume taught me this?

L'Eau de Chloé

I was really keen to try this fragrance because I own Love, Chloé, and really wanted to try something else in the Chloé perfume line.

A lot of people say that this perfume is more suited to Spring than Winter. I don't believe that perfumes are season-bound, (though I can definitely see why most breezy, coconut-y, ocean type scents slide comfortably into the 'summer scents' category) so I prefer to wear what I want, when I want. This scent is light, breezy, and very feminine. For some reason, it reminds me of marshmallows and and rose lemonade. It is a very fresh scent, which is why so many people think it's so Springtime-appropriate, but has a nice muskiness that makes it very versatile - I wear it both in the afternoon and at night.

My description probably makes no sense to you, so here's the description from the press release:
L’eau de Chloé contains an exceptional concentration of distilled rose water, which lends it a rare refreshing feeling. Light as dew, this chypre rose seems suffused with pure oxygen. A delicate citrus harmony recalls summer’s luscious ice-cool lemonades. At once spirited and elegant, airy and ethereal, the rose leaves a subtle presence on the skin. Little by little, patchouli appears in sophisticated touches, evoking the luxury and perfection of wearing a flawlessly finished garment.
And of course, there's the amazingly beautiful packaging...

The vertical indents on the bottle adds a touch of class, and I particularly love the gorgeous ribbon detailing. I am a total sucker for ribbons!

All in all, this is a gorgeous release, and if you're a fan of fresh, light and feminine scents, you should definitely have a sniff in store. I personally cannot get enough of this! I've been reaching for this almost everyday these past couple of weeks.

If you want to set down a budget for this baby, it retails at three sizes and prices: the 30mL bottle for AUD 80, the 50mL bottle for AUD 100, and the 100mL bottle for AUD 140.

Chloé have also released a L'Eau de Chloé Body Lotion (200mL) for AUD 55, and a Shower Gel (200mL) for AUD 45.

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