Help Me Choose!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I hate when I am given a specific amount of money to spend. People who are close to me know that the best gift to give me is a coupon or gift card of some sort, or just plain cash, because then I am able to choose the exact gift that I want - no hassle.

However, once I am given the coupon or cash, I go through thousands of choices and combinations in my mind and fret and grumble for forever before I finally come to a decision. It is so difficult to choose!

So I've decided that this time around, I need help! I have narrowed it down to a few different items, and now I need your help to decide which items I should get! Here are my options:

I could go with a basic Proenza Schouler purse, OR I could purchase a Diane von Furstenburg purse, a Tory Burch iPhone case, and an Ami Dans La Rue sweater. They all come down to almost the same price. Which should I get?!

I am partial to the PS, but if I get that, it means that I will have to forgo that beautiful Tory Burch iPhone case (my favourite item in that group). But if I get those 3 items, the prettiest purse available (the DVF) pales in comparison to the PS purse.

And then there's the wild card:

These gorgeous rings are similar in style to the ones that Lisa Eldridge wears in her videos, and I have been coveting these gorgeous things for forever! They are handmade gold vermeil and feature semi-precious stones. WANT!

So what do you guys think? Anyone willing to offer an opinion? I would very much appreciate it!

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