Fortnightly Anthology 3

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I really need to find another name for this series! I am not updating fortnightly, bad blogger!

Here are some pictures on Instagram that I uploaded over the past couple of weeks :)

L: How beautiful is Jennifer Lawrence's hair at the Hunger Games premiere? Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel braided ornamental headbands into her hair and twisted the braids to form a bun, using Dove styling products. So pretty, and my wedding hair inspiration :)

R: I am in love with stacked bangles and bracelets. When it was a little warmer, I wore all kinds of bangles and bracelets on my wrists. Now that it's cooler and I need to squeeze my arms into a thick jacket, I've taken to wearing bracelets instead. Have you seen my bracelet picks?

L: It's amazing the kinds of things you find on eBay! If you're a longtime reader of my blog then you know that I am a total eBay fiend. We scored this cute costume for Chloe for only USD 2.99!

R: We took these pictures separately and without knowledge of one anothers' pictures. Oh, what it means to be sisters ;)

L: When the gorgeous girls from Sydney - Janice from chaigyaru and Jeanice from pandablush - came down to Melbourne for Easter weekend. These two, with Val from ponikuta and Shiz from heartofpearl, are total party animals! ♥

R: I discovered a new iPhone app that does THIS. I'm pretty much obsessed. Come over to my place, you'll find me sitting in a corner with my phone, giggling to myself.

L: I have been working long and hard on my YouTube channel and it would mean so much to me if you would subscribe! I am also working on some giveaways so do check the channel out if you have some time to spare!

R: I love everything about Jennifer Garner's look here, from her glowing skin to her gorgeous earrings!

L: Did you know that in an effort to help you stay on-trend without sacrificing comfort, Kleenex has come up with these amazing Slim Wallet packs? You can buy a six pack, which features a bunch of different, stylish designs to suit your every fashion want or need.

R: The video tutorial for this look is being rendered for upload as I type! Also coming up is the much-requested eyebrow tutorial :)

L: I caved and bought the Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch. Look out for mini updates and reviews of the concealer on my Instagram and Twitter! Oh, and if you're wondering, the nail colour is Mode Cosmetics Nail Polish in Face Gone Purple. They are only AUD 2.95 per bottle!

R: Have you tried the new ck one lipsticks? They are fabulously pigmented and have such a beautiful range of statement lip colours. The one I have on in this picture is 600 Must Do.

That's it for round 3! I hope you guys enjoyed these little snippets :)

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