Product Review: Kio Kio Bodycare

Monday, April 02, 2012

I was recently contacted by the PR of this New Zealand Natural bodycare brand, and the website and packaging intrigued me so that I had to review the brand. I was sent the Body Wash in Rainforest & Koromiko, and the Body Lotion in Pacific Tiare & Ti Kauka.

This is the most attractive part of Kio Kio bodycare, in my opinion. The boxes and labels are simple but so beautiful - I am in love! 

The products dispense easily, with a press-to-open dispenser for the body wash, and a push pump dispenser for the body lotion.

Rainforest & Koromiko Body Wash

Pacific Tiare & Ti Kauka Body Lotion

Product & Performance
The body wash is gorgeous and light. It lathers well, and smells amazing. The product is light enough so that the product never gets stuck in the dispenser - a little pet peeve of mine. The scent is called Rainforest & Koromiko, and it reminds me of peaches and green tea. It has fast become one of my favourite smells - I can't even bear to apply body lotion on top of it for fear of diluting the fragrance.

The body lotion is another beautiful product. It smells like jasmine flowers, and has a slight coconut-y undertone to it, but it isn't strong enough to turn me off of it (I am not a fan of coconut at all!). It glides on smoothly and hydrates the skin well, but is almost completely unnoticeable on the skin. Some of the best body lotions I've tried cannot rival this - there isn't even the slightest hint of greasiness and no slip to the skin, but I still feel that plumpness that you feel when you apply moisturising products to your skin. This is an absolute keeper - and I am dying to get my hands on this in the Rainforest & Koromiko scent!

These are not the only scents available - Kio Kio also produces two other scents called Frangipani & Puriri, and Citrus Petal & Tarata. I am sure that these are just as delightful as the two scents I was sent to review.

I cannot rave enough about these products - they are truly gorgeous, and I am not the only one to form this opinion! These products have caught the eye of many a stockist in the US, and have now finally landed on Australian shores. For a full list of stockists from all over the world, visit the Kio Kio webpage here.

These products are currently on sale online at the Australian store Fountain Cosmetics, so get in quick!

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