Product Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Wildrose

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi guys! I'm doing a quick review of Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Wildrose today. Bobbi Bown's Shimmer Bricks are the one makeup item I've been coveting all my life. When I finally got the opportunity to trial this, I was psyched!

Bobbi Brown: Nothing lights up the face like a bit of shimmer. One season, with just minutes to go before the runway lights went up, a fashion designer asked Bobbi to give all the models a lit-from-within look. So she took a shimmery eye shadow and dusted it on everyone’s cheeks—and that’s how the idea for Shimmer Brick was born.
Each of Bobbi’s iconic Shimmer Brick Compacts are handmade in Italy via a manufacturing process that involves pressing five different shades of ultra-luxe pure pearl pigments into one pan and double baking them.
To create a shimmering glow, swirl the Face Blender Brush across all the shades, and then lightly dust cheeks and forehead, or brush one shade on the eyes for subtle shimmer. (Tip: When it comes to shimmer, moderation is key. Apply shimmer to just one or two features at a time).

The packaging on this product is the typical plastic Bobbi Brown packaging. It is nice and sturdy, and has a useful mirror in the compact. 


The shimmer brick has been around for a long time now, so you should all be familiar with the 5 strips of differently coloured, equally shimmery and brilliant.

As you can see from the picture above, the shimmer in these babies is delectable! 


This is a beautiful product! The shimmer stays put through the longest, sweatiest nights (TMI, I know :p), and it lasts pretty darned long on the skin! True to Bobbi Brown's description, the Shimmer brick gives the skin a beautiful glow. It suits almost all skin tones because of the beautiful rosy tint to the shimmer - it matches both cool and warm skin tones beautifully. There are so many other colours to choose from - some with warmer shimmer tones to suit warmer skins.

I am a huge fan of healthy, glowing skin, so this is a HG product for me! This particular colour comes out quite light on my skin, so I like layering it over a darker blush. This looks amazing both in real life and in flash photography. I wore it in my March Favourites video (without anything else on the cheeks), linked below, so you can see it in action!

And finally, here is a shot of the Shimmer brick swatched with all the colours mixed in:

If you like glowing, glamorous, healthy-looking skin, this is the product for you. It is subtle enough to be worn in the day, and when layered on, makes for a fantastic product for a night out. I highly, highly recommend this stunning product!

This beauty will retail for AUD 85 at Bobbi Brown counters starting May 20th 2012, as part of the Rose Gold Collection. Look out for it in stores!

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