Product Review: Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre-Styler

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the big reveal - if you 'Liked' my Facebook page, you may have noticed the picture I posted of my surprisingly healthy-looking hair. I promised that I would post about it soon, and here it is!

The secret to my new silky hair? The Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Pre-Styler!
Macadamia Natural Oil: the new ‘spray and forget’ thermal protection solution! While eliminating tangles, this pre-styler also works to moisturise and protect hair. Apply once 'before' your regular styling product/s to continually protect hair from heat until your next shampoo.
And now, on to my review!

So pretty! The bottle is plastic, covered with an outer layer of plastic with some pretty groovy print-patterns. It comes with a spray mechanism which, I am happy to report, does not clog or leak.

I expected the product to be really liquid, what with the spray mechanism and all, but it is actually quite viscous. The liquid is sort of semi-opaque, and despite it being viscous, the product actually feels very lightweight once applied. The scent is very light and barely noticeable, but pleasant.

I was first drawn to this product because of its heat defence, and I am told by the company's PR that it also functions as a UV defence, which I love! I don't heat style very much, but I don't have a car so I am out in the sun a lot, waiting for trams and taking public transport.

What I also got was glossy, shiny hair, and no frizz! The brand claims that this is a 'spray and forget' solution - which means that it lasts until your next wash. I am pretty happy about this, because I wash my hair every other day, and applying product to my hair on the second day makes it feel greasy and heavy and just generally gross.

Overall I must say I am very happy with this product! It keeps my hair nice and glossy, and I definitely need that UV protection.

This comes in two sizes - 100mL (retails at AUD 19.95), and 250mL (retails at AUD 29.95). You can get this and products from this brand from

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