Product Review: Bioderma Sébium AKN

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello everyone! I have an exciting product to share with you all today - the Bioderma Sébium AKN.

I'm sure you guys have heard of Bioderma - the brand that produces the amazing product that is the Bioderma makeup remover that graces the faces of famous celebrities and models alike. This is a French brand that makes some amazing skincare, and they have recently landed on Australian soil.

The Bioderma Sébium AKN is targeted at oily, acne prone skins, and is meant to reduce acne and associated imperfections in the skin. I was fortunate enough to be sent a sample of this serum to trial because of my random breakouts and oily skin, and here is my review!
Bioderma: Thanks to its patented exclusive Fluidactiv® complex, Sébium AKN preserves sebum quality, preventing deterioration and thickening, thus effectively reducing the appearance and development of imperfections. A complete treatment, Sébium AKN also treats all the factors responsible for skin imperfections. Kerato-regulating active ingredients cleanse the pores in depth. Zinc gluconate, sebo-regulating and purifying, slows down overproduction of sebum and the proliferation of micro-organisms that cause imperfections. Soothing agents ease red blotches. Sébium AKN smooths skin texture, leaving it clear and purified. It recovers its natural balance
This product comes in a small, 30ml tube with a screw-on cap. The tube is squeezable, and the product dispenses through a small mouth. Hygienic. Big plus! It is also quite hardy, which I like because as you know, I'm not one to afford the greatest care to my skincare products. Most of the time they're just banging around in a little bag I drag around the house so I can apply my skincare and watch TV, or hang out with the sisters or my boyfriend, all at the same time.

The product itself is a white, slightly thick serum. The product most similar in consistency that I can think of is Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum - basically a little lighter than maple syrup (random, I know!). It smells a little...medicinal? But it is so faint it wouldn't bother anyone. It isn't perfumed, which helps people with more sensitive skin.
Despite its being thicker than a typical serum, it spreads really easily over the skin and is absorbed into the skin really quickly. It is not at all greasy.

I have been using this for over a month now, and the results have been very, very pleasing. It has curbed the acne on my cheeks, which I am really grateful for, It has not gotten rid of the acne completely - I still get about 1 or 2 spots each week and a little more than that when my hormones are acting up.
It has also reduced my blackheads - and this is something that I have been battling with since summer started. I know this is completely irresponsible, but I don't exfoliate and cleanse my pores as much as I should, and this has led to clogged pores and really bad buildup which I have been trying hard to get rid of. This, together with a couple of good exfoliants and my Skin Food White Mud Nose Pack, have been really helping me save the skin on and around my nose.

Another thing that I adore about this product is the way my skin feels after I apply it - I get a beautiful velvety matte finish to my skin, and it feels lovely! It is soft, and smooth, and so velvety! I confess - I touch my face for a lot longer than I should because of this serum. You will get addicted to the feel of your skin, I guarantee it!

What this hasn't done is reduce my acne scars - my small pimples tend to go away after only a couple of days, but even without any scratching or picking, they leave scars that tend to stay for at least a couple of months. It doesn't claim to reduce acne scarring, but I am just putting this here as a warning for people so they don't expect some kind of miracle product. I am still working on finding a product that will help with my acne scarring, so if you hear or know of something, please let me know!

Overall, I think this is a good staple product to have in your skincare if you have oily or congested skin. Bioderma can be found in selected pharmacies and Pricelines. The Sébium AKN is sold for AUD 24.95 for a 30ml tube.

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