Product Review: Luview Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara and Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hi guys! Today I'd like to introduce to you a Korean brand that I've recently become acquainted with - Luview. They are a brand new cosmetic brand focusing on base products, and I have up for review today their star product, the Crystal Cover BB Cream, and their Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara.

Crystal Cover BB Cream

The packaging is gorgeous! It comes in a cylinder with a pink pearl finish. The pump mechanism works beautifully and pumps out just the right amount for the face. I also love that this comes with SPF 30 - sun protection is a big thing for me. I never leave the house without at least an SPF 30 on.

According to Luview, this cream is infused with tiny crystal particles that give the skin a luminous glow. Here is a picture of me with the BB cream applied with a buffing brush. I find that a buffing brush or a stippling brush is the best way to apply this cream, because it really works the product in. I found that applying this with my hands caused the product to just sit on top of my skin in a really unnatural way.

Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream, with MAC Mineralise Blush in Gentle. No concealer.

I don't see any obvious glitter or shimmer with this cream, which I am really glad for. I was worried that the aforementioned crystal particles would be too large and make me look like I blasted myself with a glitter gun. If anything, there is a subtle glow, but nothing you wouldn't find with other BB creams on the market.

BB creams are famous for providing great coverage for acne-prone skin, so this was something I made sure to take note of with this BB cream. The cream offered medium coverage for my little acne scars. In the picture above, I am not using any concealer, and you can still see faint scars on my cheeks.

It also evened out my skintone very well. It sets semi-matte, and I didn't need any powder or blotting papers to keep my skin reasonably matte throughout the day.

Overall, this is a good BB cream, rivalling a lot of creams that I've tried before. If you're looking for a BB cream with really good coverage, then you might want to try Missha, Skin Food, or Elishacoy. If you only need medium coverage, then this is definitely a BB cream you should keep in mind!

Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara

As with most other mascaras in the Korean and Japanese market, this mascara is a fibre-coat mascara. It is very buildable, and the fibres in this mascara are quite large.

Without mascara.

With Luview Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara

This mascara extends, thickens, and defines my lashes beautifully. It is a little bit more buildable than my favourite Majolica Majorca mascara.

However, I don't use this mascara on its own, because I experienced some problems with it in my first few applications. Because the fibres on this mascara are so large and therefore kind of heavy, they tend to travel before the mascara finally sets. When they travel, they can end up in that flesh in between your lashes and your eye, and poke at and irritate your eye. It's nothing drastic, but it is very uncomfortable.
I have found that the way to avoid this is to coat your lashes (especially the base of your lashes) with a volumnizing (this is my personal preference; you can use any kind) mascara, and then layer this mascara on top of that one, staying away from the base of your lashes.

When this mascara sets, it does not budge! Much like the Majolica Majorca mascara, it withstands water and humidity, and can only be removed with a makeup remover.

These products are quite affordable, and can be purchased online at the Luview store. Luview is also offering free shipping with the code OPEN2012, so get on there quick if you are interested!

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