Product Review: Rodial Tummy Tuck

Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm not the healthiest person. I enjoy my sweets, and I never exercise, unless you count the 10 minute walk I take each day to the office. Suffice it to say, my tummy isn't exactly bikini-ready. It's not flabby enough to warrant me getting my lazy arse to the gym, but I definitely wanted it to look more toned and tight. When Rodial PR offered me the chance to try Tummy Tuck, I was a little sceptical, but very intrigued.

What Rodial say:
The fig scented gel brings together a range of ingredients that give unprecedented results. Fig extract helps to break down fat cells, while a revolutionary neuro-peptide boosts cell metabolism (by cunningly stimulating a cell reaction similar to the body's natural response to exercising). There are also microfibers that condense cells for an immediate tightening effect. A Rodial best-seller this product has a cult following, and will help to reduce the abdominal area by up to an inch in just eight weeks.

I've been using Rodial for just over a month now, and I am loving this product! I hardly ever repurchase a product after I've been sent it by PR - mostly because I am on a tight budget and I just cannot afford to purchase everything I like. However, I am definitely repurchasing this miracle-in-an-airless-pump-bottle once I run out!

The packaging is clean and simple, and the pump is so convenient, because pedantic people like me are always left wondering what 'a small amount' on some product packaging means. One thing I don't quite like is the fact that very little information is provided on the bottle itself - but I guess if you're a smart buyer (I'm sure many of you are), you'd be doing research and reading posts like these before purchasing such an expensive product.

The instructions say that you are meant to 'massage on abdominal area in circular motions until gel is absorbed'. In my opinion, it doesn't quite absorb, because usually the evening/morning after (I apply twice a day), when I get into the shower, my abdominal area has that slip that you get when a product that's sitting on top of your skin gets in contact with water. This doesn't really bother me though, because the product works on me regardless.

The end result? My stomach area is more toned (you can see the Britney-circa 2001-esque 'abdominal panel' in the middle of my belly!!!) and flat. Wearing high-waisted skirts is sooo much easier and more flattering, and my stomach looks and feels tighter. No jiggle!

Want to know the best part? This product actually isn't ridiculously priced compared to other countries. It retails for ₤102 in the UK, and retails at AUD 130 here in Australia!

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