Product Review: Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Life Age Correcting Creme

Thursday, October 20, 2011

First off, let me apologize for the horrible picture - this product was sent back to Malaysia for my parents to review, and they don't really have the time to take a bunch of pictures or set up the correct lighting for me.

Hopefully it does not detract in any way from what I am about to share with you guys about this cream, because guys, you're going to want to buy it - trust me.

What Estée Lauder say:
An ultra-luxurious, all-powerful creme with our ultimate repair technologies and intense hydrators. Lifting, firming, perfecting your skin's appearance like never before.
My parents are 50 and 53 years old respectively, and keep their skin in really good condition. They look young for their age, but obviously there are wrinkles and a lack of elasticity.

When I first sent this cream to them, I was expecting the usual reviews - it did okay, I can see a little bit of difference, smells good, bla bla bla.

Instead, I found out that they'd been squabbling over this cream, because they'd decided that only my Dad would try this cream, and that my Mom would trial this other cream (also very high-end) sample that she'd gotten at the store. The very next day, and I'm talking after the first use (!!), the skin on my Dad's face looked firmer and plumper, and whilst my Mom's skin was more hydrated and dewy, the results were nowhere near as drastic as my Dad's.
So began the squabble over the cream - because my Dad insisted on continuing the trial the way they'd set it up (so I could get the results I needed for my reviews, bless his heart), but my Mom was so excited about this cream that she didn't want to!

It was hilarious to hear them talk about it on Skype, but I was also really psyched about the news - this cream actually does wonders to your skin! (I gave this to them ages ago, and my Dad is still using the cream religiously. So is my Mom!)

So here's their little review of the cream:

Texture: thick and creamy, but smoothed onto the face easily and absorbed really quickly.

Fragrance: slightly fruity, but very pleasant.

Results: Immediate - skin was firmer the very next morning, and had a sort of 'lifted' appearance. Fine lines had either disappeared or softened considerably. They even got comments and questions from their friends about their skin!

There you have it - short and to the point. My Mom did point out that the effects of the cream don't last forever - so constant use at night or in the morning did help!

This product retails for AUD 410 at Estée Lauder counters or on their website.

This product was provided for review and consideration in accordance with this site's Disclosure Policy.

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