The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Okay, so you must have seen me on Twitter going on and on about #ABBW2011. What was it? The first ever Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend, and it was a total joyride!

I started off my journey on the SkyBus, where I promptly bumped into Molly, who was booked on the same flight as Val, Tine (my roomie!), Mel and I. The flight was an absolute nightmare - I had such bad motion sickness I was sure I would throw up in the aisle (I didn't, thank goodness!) and my hands cramped up so badly they honestly looked like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The time we spent in Sydney was, I am glad to report, nothing at all like the in-flight nightmare. We attended event after event put together by the amazing organizers Jacie and Kimmi, and the amazingly generous sponsors who took part in the ABBW.

The gorgeous organizers - Jacie and Kimmi

Among the highlights of my weekend were the Maxted Thomas Beauty Blogger Gala, and the Face of Australia Masterclass.

The Maxted Thomas event was amazing! They had a bunch of booths set up for the various brands that they represented, and we worked our way through all of them. They even had a photobooth set up, much to the delight of all the bloggers in attendance!

Me getting my skin analysed at the Nivea booth at the Maxted Thomas event

My photobooth picture with Akisa from BeautySwatch and Tine. I LOVE this picture!

At the Face of Australia Masterclass, they set up rows and rows of tables chock-full of goodies and the model and makeup artist projected onto a huge screen so we could watch the magic happen, and try it on ourselves!

The super fun Face of Australia Masterclass. I'm in the second row with Val and Shizuka!

There were a few other events I really enjoyed as well, and a whole lot of products I am extremely excited to try and share with you all.

Many thanks and kisses go to Jacie and Kimmi for putting this event together for us bloggers. Without them, we really would never have had this wonderful opportunity to network and learn so much and just have fun.

I'll end this little post with a picture of my favourite girls - the #MBBE. That weekend was also a chance for me to get to know them all better, and I am missing being able to hang out and chat with them! p.s. Mel and Molly, I totally wish my Photoshop skills were rockin' enough to be able to edit you guys in, but I suck :(

All images except the photobooth picture taken by Liz Giacco for The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend, and are not to be reproduced, republished or reused without inclusion of this credit. Images remain the property of The Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend.

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