30-Day Makeup Challenge: Introduction

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

So I recently got my DSLR taken from me *wails* so I have been trying to think up blogposts that don't require clear, well-lit images.

I finally decided to do something a lot of great bloggers have done - a makeup challenge!

I'm going to try and wear 30 days of different makeup to work and post FOTDs and product information of those looks. Of course, most of them aren't going to be very original, given that I'm not very adventurous with my makeup, especially not at the office.

But with 30 whole days to fill with different types of makeup looks, I'm sure I'll be forced to try some new looks and push my boundaries, so it might get interesting!

I hope you guys are as interested to see the looks as I am to be trying and sharing them with you!

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