Product Review: Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defence Weather Protection & Shine Serum

Monday, August 01, 2011

Just a quick review today. This is the Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defence Weather Protection and Shine Serum. I received to trial along with the other products in this range, which I will be reviewing in separate posts.

This particular serum definitely added shine to my hair.

Unfortunately, it did not manage to tame my flyaways. I think it may not have been developed with Asian hair in mind - we tend to have heavier hair, so it's not so easy to handle the flyaways with my hair. I also tested it out on my youngest sister Sharon's hair. Her hair is a little more coarse than mine, and she is always looking for products that will help tame her frizz. According to her, this softened her hair, but didn't do much for the frizz, either.

One great thing about this product is that it works amazingly well when I 'style' my hair! I usually apply whatever product I am using at the moment onto my damp hair and then twist it up into a bun, then take it out a few hours later, so my hair is a little wavier. When I use this product, my hair ends up in little separated (still slightly damp), wavy sections, and it actually ends up really smooth and silky. I've also tried it on blow-dried hair (works decently with frizz, adds great shine), and hot-ironed curls (brilliant!).
Another super plus? It has an SPF of 25. Yes, your hair needs sun protection just as much as the rest of your body. If you don't have a hair product with SPF, you might want to think about getting one. UV damage to your hair causes a lot of grief, including, but not limited to, frizz. Yuck.

I can't say how this product would perform on non-Asian hair. If you're Asian and looking for a product that will tame your frizz without any styling/upkeep on your part, then give this a miss. For me, I'd purchase it purely because it makes my styled hair look really pretty!

This retails at AUD 8.99 per 40ml bottle. Do you think you'll get this product? What other hair products do you know of that have SPF?

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