Product Review: The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have large pores on my nose. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to deep cleanse my nose and clear out all the pores in that area. Nothing.

When I first saw this White Mud Nose Pack from The Face Shop, I was a little sceptical, mostly because the salesgirl was being a little bit of a hard-sell and trying to push me to buy all these other things to supplement this. I decided to get it anyway, because I thought it was pretty affordable and I wanted to see if it worked better than the Biore pore strips.

So the way this works is, you put a nice, thick layer on your nose, and then wait 10-15 minutes until it dries. Then, you peel it off and the gook in your pores peels right off with it.

I'd say this works better compared to to the Biore pore strips, because the gel texture sinks into your pores better than the strips do. One thing you should remember if you want to try this is to keep the layer thick all the way up to the edges, because otherwise, it's pretty difficult to start peeling off.

This is gross, I know, but I really get a kick looking at all the gook that this mask manages to pull off my pores. I love this and would definitely repurchase, especially since it's so cheap!

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