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Monday, July 25, 2011

This isn't beauty related, but I had to share some of these pictures! My parents are hoping to purchase an apartment here in Melbourne, and I am probably going to wave my tyrannical hand and impose my designing greatness onto the entire apartment (okay, I'll let my sisters design their own rooms).

Here are a few pictures I was particularly taken to:

I love neutrals, so I'm thinking there will be a lot of neutral colours and designs at the new place. I think it will balance out bold colours perfectly, which I will also be using! I want to paint one wall a nice dark purple or maybe blue, so that it contrasts nicely against the other walls and neutral furniture.

Look familiar? It's Carrie's new apartment in Sex and the City, the movie!

There will also be a lot of high cupboards, since there will probably not be a lot of floor space. I will have an absolute ball drilling holes into walls.

We are all fans of low, orange lighting. So there will be a lot of lamps and reading lights. I bet low orange lighting next to a dark purple/blue wall would look fabulous!

I'll also be getting a bunch of cheap photo frames to put up on one of the walls. I love the way multiple photo frames look up on a wall. I'll probably get photo frames that are more similar in size, shape and colour, just so it doesn't look too cluttery and crowded.

One huge challenge will be finding affordable furniture! From what I've seen so far, Melbourne some really ridiculously priced furniture! Any suggestions as to where I could get some cheap furniture?

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