Product Review: Beauté Cosmetics Lolita Set

Monday, July 18, 2011

If you have listened to me rant, either in person or on Twitter, you would probably have noticed that I have a little bit of an obsession with Beauté Cosmetics. Beau Nelson, founder of the brand, is Kristen Stewart's makeup artist, and has produced many an enviable look on the starlet - pictures of which I have stalked endlessly and tried again and again to reproduce. Let's not talk about whether or not I actually managed to reproduce them.

So anyway, I'd been eyeing the Lolita set for quite some time, and when I got a little extra cash at the end of the month, I thought I'd splurge a little.

About 2 and a half weeks later, I finally received the little, gorgeous package! The Lolita set contains the Fluoron Liqui-gel stain, and the Girlie Show Luminous Volume Gloss.

I was literally shaking as I pulled the ribbon apart and opened the box!

The packaging is so heavy and luxe, and the product itself performs so beautifully! I'll let the photos do the talking:

The applicator on the Fluoron Liqui-Gel Stain is pretty standard. The Luminous Volume Gloss, however, has this really soft brush applicator. It is so soft that it actually gets splayed pretty easily. There is a little card included in the gift set that warns you that this might happen. It says to run it under warm water and clean and dry the brush on a cloth to fix the brush. So far I haven't had much problem with this - I find that even though the brush splays, it always curls back into place when you place the cap back on.

In my previous haul post, I showed you these swatches. I also have the swatches on my lip for you today:

This is the Fluoron Liqui-gel Stain, applied lightly, on its own. It is very light on the lips, and smells of rambutan and lychee. I love the smell, but it tastes horrible! I didn't lick it or anything, my tongue just happened to touch the inside of my lips when I pursed them together. This stain lasts forever, and looks really pretty on the cheeks too!

This is the Girlie Show Luminous Volume Gloss. This gloss is a milky, very light pastel pink. It is gorgeous on its own, and really does add quite a bit of volume to the lips, as you can see in the picture. This is a pretty heavy formula lipgloss.

This image actually looks heavily edited, but I didn't do anything to it aside from cropping. This is the Girlie Show Luminous Volume Gloss on top of the Fluoron Liqui-gel Stain.

Here's a picture of me wearing both the gloss and the stain, so you can get a better look at the overall effect:

Overall, I really like the colour and effect of these products. I would love to try more from the Beauté range. I should mention that the scent in the products might be a problem to some people who are sensitive to fragranced lip products. I am pretty sensitive to fruit-scented lip products in particular, and am deathly allergic (I may be exaggerating a little) to Dior lipglosses. I think I may have had a little reaction to these as well, but I'm not quite sure because I just wore them on an outing on Friday night and again on Saturday morning, but am not experiencing the same irritations as I experienced the first time I tried them on. It may have been another product :/

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