Skincare Series: ElishaCoy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop

Thursday, June 09, 2011

This next step in my skincare routine is one that I am really excited to share with you guys. This is the ElishaCoy Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop.

ElishaCoy is a brilliant Korean skincare brand, that brought its products to Malaysia a few years ago. My aunt, genius that she is, recommended I try it out, along with another product that I will introduce to you tomorrow. I am a total fan of ElishaCoy's 'all natural' approach, and I am in love with their BB creams!

This particular product is marketed as a moisturizer, but I would probably categorize it more as a serum or essence to use before you apply your moisturizer. It is extremely lightweight, and sinks into your skin the moment you apply it. The product is a very light gel, which dispenses through a pump at the bottom of a tube. I love this type of packaging because it is easy to get out of the tube without making a mess.

ElishaCoy says:

This is a gel based moisturizer that moisturizes, replenishes, and brightens the skin. The natural blend of botanicals allow even the most sensitive skins to benefit from this moisturizer. Once applied to the skin, the water drops from the whitening and moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin rapidly and the abundant supply of moisture is locked into your skin, leaving the skin hydrated and toned.

I was told to apply this moisturizer by patting it onto the skin, and then to kind of do that 'spirit fingers' thing to lightly pat it all over my face. Y'know, that thing where you kind of play the piano on your face.

If I had to choose just one product that I think most contributed to my skin's luminosity, it would definitely be this product. It sinks into the skin instantly, and it has a lovely fresh lemon-type scent. My skin was always bright and luminous, and very lit-from-within. This thing is a total wonder product! I never realised what a total gem I had, and now ElishaCoy is an extremely hard brand to track down!

But because I rock, I found a lovely little site that ships internationally, and carries the ElishaCoy brand exclusively. Check out

This product retails for USD 46 on the site, and unfortunately I wasn't able to find get a shipping quote, but I do know that they ship internationally. I definitely think that this is well worth the money. LOVE it!

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