Skincare Series: Babor 2-Step Cleansing System

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hi guys! As promised, here is my first review of the products that I used during my 'wonderful skin phase'.

I decided to review according to what I would normally use first in my routine, so let me introduce to you Babor's 2-step cleansing routine.

Babor is a German skincare company that specialises in luxe, highly effective skincare. I was first introduced to Babor when my aunt's facial spa started carrying the line exclusively. At the time, I had never even heard of 2-step cleansing.

The first product you apply onto your skin is the HY-Ol®. You take about 2 pumps and massage this onto your skin like you would a cleansing oil. Then, you use the second step in the cleansing system (I am using the Phytoactive Sensitive, for sensitive skin). Use 2 pumps, and massage into the skin on top of the HY-Ol®. Then, wet your hands and massage well into your skin. Repeat that step twice, then rinse everything off.

This cleansing system is gentle yet extremely effective. It sloughs away dead skin cells and cleans the skin really well. My pores are a lot cleaner and smaller when I use these products. My skin hardly ever breaks out, and my chin area, which is always congested, is visibly clearer. It isn't at all drying on the skin. My sister now swears by these products, because after switching to Babor from another line of cleansers, her acne and blotchiness completely disappeared.

I have now realised the error in my ways, and I will never stray from these cleansers again. They are pretty pricey, but for what they do, they are well worth it. Australian buyers, find your 2-step cleansing system here.
Malaysian buyers, check out Honestly Facials. You won't regret it!

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