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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okay, I have to start with Lipstick Queen's website description - it sets the mood for the post! (Or I am just rambling)

Inspired by Mohammed Ali's rumble in the jungle quote "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee". 5 gorgeous tints in a luscious formula containing Vitamin E, C, B and aloe vera to moisturize and treat the lips and film formers to seal in moisture. Glides on as a light and see through as a butterfly wing with a flash of bright turquoise iridescence to disarm and then charm your target (Also helps your teeth appear brighter!)

See what I mean about it setting the mood? I don't know if I'm feeling 'Alice in Wonderland'-y or 'Rocky'-y right now. Maybe a little bit of both. What I do know, is this lipstick is absolutely gorgeous!

As described, this lipstick only tints the lips very slightly - not enough to create a nude effect, so you will definitely have to apply some concealer or foundation to your lips before applying this.

But this lipstick is everything it claims to be and more! It is smooth, moisturizing, conceals flaws for girls like me who never condition or scrub their lips. It is lovely! The camera doesn't quite pick it up, but the shimmer in this lipstick has an excellent subtle blue shimmer - not at all frosty - which adds such a lovely complexity to the lip colour. When I was photographing it, I could not help staring - it is wicked awesome.

As you may have gathered from my previous nude lip posts, I like my lipstick to have a bit of slip. I love when lipsticks feel creamy and moisturizing. I like rubbing my lips together when I have lipstick on - it is kind of self-satisfactory in a way, when I feel that slip and give that creamy lipsticks have, which also tells me when I'm in need of a touch-up. This lipstick gives me all that, which is pure perfection for me.

I would love it if this was more pigmented, but the lipstick is marketed as a sheer, so no fault on Lipstick Queen's part - just a preference of mine, I guess. Imagine a stronger pigment with that blue shimmer shot through it - LOVE!

This lipstick retails for AUD 33.95 at Kit Cosmetics.

p.s. I have no idea if this lipstick makes my teeth appear whiter. I'll try checking that out one day.

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