Get the Look: Inspired by Emma Watson's Vogue US Cover

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a little embarrassed to post this makeup tutorial because 1, I look nothing like Emma Watson and 2, I look nothing like Emma Watson.

She has a really small space in between her eye and eyebrows, so the eyes look much more 'seamless' in her picture. If you have deep-set eyes, this would look much better on you than it does me. Here goes!

Start with a strong brow.

Then, place a matte brown eyeshadow onto the lid, stopping just below the crease. I am using a neutral brown eyeshadow from my 88 Neutrals Palette.

Next, pat a silvery eyeshadow onto the lid. I am using NYX Pearl Mania Loose Eyeshadow in Silver.

Take a brown eyeliner pencil, and draw a line following the shape of your eye. I am using the SAX Cosmetics Creme Eye Definer in Brown-Black. This should be drawn very slightly above your crease. If the line ends up too thick, you can make it thinner by using a cotton bud soaked with makeup remover to thin down the line.

Taking a fluffy brush, sweep a bronzer across your crease. I am using Bourjois Delice de Poudre in #51. After that, you can re-define the line, because the bronzer would have probably rubbed it off.

Line your eyes with a black pencil. Mine is Chanel's Le Crayon Yeux in Noir. Keep the line close to your lashes.

Taking an angled eyeliner brush, lightly apply some matte black eyeshadow onto the lower lashline.

Then, take a white pencil and line your waterline on the bottom lid.

Place a bronzer at the very back of your cheeks, underneath your cheekbones. Blend properly and extend that bronzer till about halfway down your cheeks, stopping underneath the iris. Make sure to blend this well into your skin!

Finally, apply a red lipstick. (Sorry about the application! I was being lazy and didn't use a lipliner) I am using NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White.

Then, apply a clear lip gloss. Next, I took a matte black eyeshadow and applied it to the outer lips.

I'm not sure if this is of any use to anyone, but there's the tutorial!

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