Product Review: SAX Liner Pencils

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello everyone! I hope you had the most wonderful weekend :)
I'm so sorry I've been missing for the past few days - I had a pretty eventful weekend, and thus did not  have time to blog. I did attempt one post, but it failed pretty badly, so it's not going up on the blog :(

I've got a quick product review for today - the SAX Cosmetics liner pencils. The SAX PR were kind enough to send me these pencils for review, and I absolutely love them! These are gorgeous pencils, and I am so surprised at their amazing quality.

I'm reviewing three types today - the Creme Precision Eyeliner, the Creme Eye Definers, and the Creme Precision Lipliners.

Creme Precision Eyeliners in Silver, Platinum and Bronze, Creme Eye Definers in Black-Brown and Black, and Creme Precision Lipliner in Nude

Creme Precision Eyeliner

These eyeliners are typical pencil eyeliners, with medium-hard formula pencils. They provide a pretty good colour payoff. In the photo above, I swiped the liners on about 3 times to get that intensity. They are also really blendable, as you can see in my Smoky Brown Prom Makeup Tutorial, and make a great base upon which to apply your eyeshadow. I suggest you warm these up on your hand before applying them on your eye, so that the product applies and blends better.

If you look carefully, you'll notice that these pencils impart a subtle shimmer when applied, so they can even be worn on their own, without eyeshadow. They are very long-lasting, even against water (I powdered over them a little so they didn't crease when I had oily days) and remove easily with a makeup remover.

I received these in 3 colours; Silver, Platinum, and Bronze. My absolute favourite is Platinum. Despite its name, it is a gorgeous taupe-y colour (not really visible in the pictures above). I used it in the tutorial above, so click through if you'd like to see the finished look.

These liners retail at AUD 12.95 at selected pharmacies.

Creme Eye Definer

These pencils are retractable, which seems to be a problem for a lot of people. Personally, I don't mind blunt pencils because I only use pencil eyeliners for a good smoking of the eye, and not for fine, defined lines. They also come with sponge blenders at the other end of the pencil, which I don't really like, because they're so hard, and don't blend very well.

True to their name, these pencils are very creamy and apply smoothly and easily. They come in 3 colours - Brown-Black, Black, and Charcoal. I love the colour Black, because it is a lovely, intense black colour, which remains intense throughout the day.

Another thing I love about these liners is that they do not budge! They stay on, even on the waterline, and don't move at all, even on my oiliest days.

Although they're not waterproof, these hold their ground pretty well against water, and remove easily with a makeup remover.

These pencils retail for AUD 14.95 at selected pharmacies.

Creme Precision Lipliner

I received this liner for my upcoming nude lips post. As with the other pencils, this liner provided a nice, high-colour finish, and stayed on my lips for quite a long time before I had to touch up.

The liners come in 4 colours - Rose, Cinnamon, Nude, and Red. Nude is a pretty coral-pink colour. It does not come out as nude on my lips, but is a pretty colour nonetheless.

These lipliners retail for AUD 12.95.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and finish of these eyeliners. I would definitely repurchase them!

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