Product Review: SAX Eye Luxe Palette in Smoky Denim

Sunday, May 15, 2011

FINALLY, Blogger is working again! I'm reviewing the SAX Cosmetics Eye Luxe palette in Smoky Denim today.

This palette contains a mixture of muted blues, graduating from black all the way to white. I much prefer the colours from the Love At First Sight palette, which I used to create my smoky brown prom look here.

The colours aren't as pigmented as the Love at First Sight palette, but are still pretty good for an everyday palette. I probably wouldn't wear this out at night, because I prefer my nighttime looks way more pigmented and a lot more dramatic.

Here are swatches of the product:

As you can probably see in the pictures, the matte black is too chalky and not pigmented enough. However, the shimmery light blue (second from right) is beautiful and buttery, and is such a lovely colour! The other 3 colours are smooth, decently pigmented, and easy to apply and blend.

I made a simple tutorial using this eye palette, because I thought it was perfect for this grunge-y catwalk look I once saw on a gorgeous Asian model. Unfortunately, I've lost the picture (which is good for me, because you can't compare my take with the original and realise me and my makeup are not nearly as gorgeous as the model and hers), so I just have my face for you to look at. As usual -.-

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Take the SAX Creme Precision Eyeliner in Silver and place it onto your lid, staying below the crease. Blend it out, and repeat the process to intensify the colour.

Apply the shimmery light blue colour onto the pencil.

Using a brush that is small enough to fit into your crease, apply the dark grey eyeshadow just into your crease, and blend out, taking it beyond the crease and close to your brow bone.

Using a small pencil brush, take the same dark grey onto your lashlines, both upper and lower. Take this all the way into the inner corners of your eyes.

Use the shimmery white eyeshadow from the palette to highlight your brow bone. Then, line your upper and lower lashlines with a black eyeliner. Here, I am using Prestige Total Intensity Eye Definer in Blackest Black.

And here's the finished look! It's pretty grunge-y, in my opinion. Very different from what I usually do, but I do so many similar looks I thought it high time to change it up a little bit :)

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