Get the Look: Smoky Eye Prom Tutorial for Monolids

Monday, May 02, 2011

Here's the final tutorial in my prom series - a smoky eye for monolids.

Start with a cream/gel eyeliner on your lashline. Smudge it out with a smudge brush. I used SAX Creme Eye Definer in Black. You can make the line thicker of you want, depending on the size of your eye. It should cover about half of the area of your eye that is hidden when your eye is open.

Take a deep brown colour (I used one from my 88 Neutrals palette) and pat it onto your eyelid, going slightly above your eyes when they are open.

Then, using a fluffy brush, pick up a medium brown colour (again, I used my 88 Neutrals palette) and apply it above the deep brown colour, blending the edges as you go to create a seamless graduation.

Note that some eyes might be smaller than mine, so adjust the size and spread of your eyeshadow according to the size of your eye.

Now, apply your highlights. Using a fluffy brush, sweep a highlight colour (it can be a shimmery white, pink or gold) onto your brow bones. Then, sweep a silvery colour onto the inner corners of your eyes, taking it about a quarter of the way into your eye on your lower lashline. I used a silver from my 88 Neutrals palette for the inner corners of the eyes, and TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer on the brow bones.

Redefine your eyeliner. Then, take the same deep brown colour from before, and apply it to your lower lashline using a small pencil brush. Then, take your pencil liner and line your lower lashline.

If you have exceptionally small eyes, or just want to make your eyes appear larger, you can line your lower lashline with the black eyeliner but line your lower waterline with a white eyeliner.

Clean up underneath your eye with a concealer. Set the rest of your makeup with a loose powder. I used Face of Australia Anti-Ageing Stick Foundation in Beige and Elianto Loose Powder.

Apply a blush (MAC Mineralize Blush in Gentle) and a contour (SAX Eye Delight Eyeshadow palette)

Finally, apply a lipstick (I used Illamasqua lipstick in Obey) and a gloss on top of that (Clinique Full Potential Lips in Play-full)

And that sums up my prom looks! I hope everyone enjoyed my prom tutorial series as much as I enjoyed making them!

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