Product Review: Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Scrub

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Scrub
Available at supermarkets, pharmacies, practically everywhere, really.

I was sent this product for trial and review purposes about a week ago, and I've been using it almost everyday since then. Most scrubs are way too harsh to be using everyday, and they shouldn't be used so. It might cause broken capillaries, scaly, sensitive skin, and dryness.

This scrub, however, is very mild and gentle, with very tiny, very soft grains.

Here's my review:


I like that this scrub comes in a squeeze tube. It makes it easy to dispense, but definitely not something I'd keep in the shower. I hate when water gets trapped in the cap and comes pouring out, all cold and disgusting, when I next use it.

The product itself is white, as you would expect most foam cleansers to be, with orangey beads.


You only get a very mild flowery scent with this scrub. Pleasant, but nothing too strong or overpowering.


Don't expect too much exfoliation from this scrub - it is meant to be light and gentle. In my opinion, it's better this way anyway - every facialist I've ever visited has said that it is better to scrub longer (or in this case, more frequently) than it is to scrub harder. Also, I like the fact that it foams and cleanses as it scrubs.

I love the way this product preps my skin for my nighttime routine! It cleanses off any remaining makeup, and my serums and creams are absorbed much more easily after I use it.

Would I repurchase? Once my St. Ives scrub runs out, I think I would definitely be reaching for this scrub.

I highly recommend this for easily irritable and sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, but still does its job.

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