Choosing the Right Chanel Foundation for You

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before I bought my Pro Lumiere foundation, I went on a 1 week psycho trip, trying out all the different Chanel foundations to find one that was a good match.

Since I have tried so many, I've decided to post a little guide on finding the perfect Chanel foundation for your skin. A lot of you beauties will probably already know this, so skip this post if you do! :)

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

This is one of the latest foundations released by Chanel. It is the water-based, lighter version of the original Vitalumiere foundation. You have to really shake the bottle before pouring out the product, or it won't come out right.

This is more suited for combination skins - because it is oil-free. It also provides slightly more coverage than the Vitalumiere, and 'sits' better on the skin (i.e. less easy to melt off).

This is great if you want very natural-looking skin. It is also easier to find the colour best suited for you because its colours are categorized into warm (Beige) and cool (Beige Rose) undertones.

I have combination skin, but I prefer the Pro Lumiere foundation, because this foundation (also claiming to have a semi-matte finish) is a lot more dewy compared to the Pro Lumiere.

Chanel Vitalumiere

This is Chanel's best-selling foundation. It provides a very natural, highly dewy finish. It is also very lightweight, and has sheer to medium coverage. Please note that this foundation contains light-reflecting particles, so if you do the typical Asian thing of buying foundations one or several shades lighter than your skin tone, DON'T (not that you should be doing that in any other case)! Especially not when you know you're going to be taking pictures, and especially not with flash photography.

This foundation is NOT for those with oily skins! It looks too shiny, and slides right off oily skins. If you're a combination skin, and if your T-zone gets really oily, it is also best to stay away from this foundation.

If you have dry or slightly more mature skin, this is definitely the foundation for you. This foundation doesn't really 'set', so it doesn't sink into your pores or fine lines.

Chanel Mat Lumiere

This is one of my favourite Chanel foundations. It's not for everyone, because as the name suggests, it provides a matte finish. This is amazing for anyone with very oily or combination skin. It is oil free.

One thing that's great about this foundation is that while it sets matte, it still provides a certain luminosity to the skin. A lot of matte foundations I have tried tend to dull the skin a little, but this still provides a glow to the skin. It also lasts longer than any other foundation I've tried!

I would stay away from this foundation if I had a dry or mature skin. It is far too drying for dry skins, and settles into any imperfections like fine lines or pores.

Chanel Pro Lumiere

This is my current foundation of choice! It provides a very airbrushed-looking, perfect finish.

This is great for oily/combination/mature skins, because it is not oily, and does not sink into pores or fine lines. It actually does quite a good job of covering up pores and fine lines.

It claims to provide a semi-matte finish, but I find that it is more luminous and glowy, much like Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation.

Read my full review of the Pro Lumiere here.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the Pro Lumiere is being discontinued, so if you already love it or want to try it, get your bottle soon! Chanel will be releasing a new foundation to replace the Pro Lumiere, though I'm not sure when.

I can't say much about the Lift Lumiere because I didn't try it, but I hope this helps anyone out there looking for Chanel foundation recommendations!

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