Product Review: Elianto and The Face Shop Eyeshadows (and an FOTD)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hello all! I'm actually living up to a promise today (lol) and posting a review about one of the items in my giveaway!

I'm actually going to be reviewing two different eyeshadows today - they're my favourite eyeshadow colours at the moment (this changes a lot) and I wanted to share them with everyone!

The first eyeshadow is The Face Shop's Lovely ME:EX Eyes in BK903. 


These eyeshadows come in white compacts, but the compacts look like they're only meant to be temporary. This is because the eyeshadow isn't securely fastened, so when you shake it you can hear the eyeshadow pan clicking around inside its compact. They sell DIY 4-pan palettes for you to slip these eyeshadow pans into, so if you're not planning to buy one of those, you have to be really careful about holding the compact flat or the eyeshadow pan will fall out.

This is a shimmery slate/copper/beige colour that is wonderfully versatile and so pretty. Below is a picture of the eyeshadow taken with camera flash.

Elianto eyeshadow on left, The Face Shop eyeshadow on right.

As long as you're using makeup brushes, these eyeshadows are beautiful to apply. They're not very highly pigmented, but do a great job if you want a decent wash of colour. If you're into more vibrant looks and smoky eyes (like me), then you'll have to layer them for intensity - but you won't need very much.


This eyeshadow isn't as soft as other eyeshadows I've used, for example, the Sleek makeup palette eyeshadows are very much more buttery and smooth than this eyeshadow.

That being said, I find that they are still very easy to use, especially with makeup brushes. If you're applying with fingers, then it will take a little longer to achieve a strong eye.


As mentioned, this eyeshadow goes on really smoothly with makeup brushes, and provides a beautiful, strong wash of colour. I haven't had any issues with creasing, and there is almost no fallout when applying these shadows.

The next eyeshadow is Elianto's Luminous Shadow in 09 Thunder Blue


As you can see in the picture above, these eyeshadows are meant for those DIY palettes (which is kind of funny because I didn't see any palettes at the store).

Thunder Blue is a gorgeous mermaid-blue colour that is shimmery and very pigmented. Just one swipe of this eyeshadow gives you a beautiful intense colour!

The picture below is just two swipes of the product, taken under natural lighting.

Thunder Blue on left.


These eyeshadows are an absolute dream! I was swatching them right next to my Shu Uemura eyeshadows and they are so much softer, and more buttery, and beautifully vibrant!

I've tried my fair share of eyeshadows and I must say, these perform right next to higher-end eyeshadows!


These are easily applied, whether with fingers or makeup brushes. I didn't experience any fallout with this colour, though I think this colour was more crumbly compared to their lighter colours.

It is incredibly smooth, and even though it delivers a strong result, it is also really easily blended out. I am in love with these eyeshadows, and that's why I'm going out to get more for the giveaway! They are such a rare and awesome find!

Here's an FOTD I did with both the colours:

These were done without primer or eyeshadow base.

I hope you found this review helpful!

If you haven't yet entered my giveaway - please do so! :) Contest ends April 15th!

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