Product Review and FOTD: Ameli Eyeshadows

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kean from Vanity Box was kind enough to send me some eyeshadows to test and review for you guys. Kean runs Vanity Box, along with his partner, Ga Hee, a qualified Korean makeup artist.

A little about Ameli eyeshadows from the Vanity Box website:

"It is an online only business (lower product costs compared to store front retailers) and has only recently opened to end customers (2008), prior to that they only specialised in providing cosmetics for make up artists. They have been gaining immense popularity over the past 2 years, recently winning the best cosmetics site award (In Style Korean Magazine). Having reviewed their products, we feel that Ameli eyeshadows are an excellent buy as they have a range of colours similar to that only found in branded cosmetics and is of equally superb quality."

Here's my review of the eyeshadows.


These eyeshadows come in really nice, sleek packaging, which I find really classy and luxurious. They're made of plastic, which surprised me because I thought it was made of a heavy metallic material. But I think plastic is very practical, because plastic is more lightweight and less likely to break if dropped.


I was sent 4 different colours - as seen in the photo above. From left to right, the colours are: Golden Olive, Black Scandal, Orange Glow, and Arabian Night.

These colours are so irresistibly multi-dimensional. I am a sucker for complex eyeshadow colours and these are top of the food chain in my makeup box.

Golden Olive: This is a beautiful gold-green colour that is multi-dimensional and beautifully complex. It turns brownish when blended in, and I am so obsessed with how gorgeous this colour is!

Black Scandal: The colour on this eyeshadow is amazing! It is heavily pigmented, and performs more like a loose shadow than a pressed eyeshadow. It has chunky glitter particles and multicoloured shimmer as well. I am completely in love with this eyeshadow! Take care to blend lightly when using this eyeshadow, otherwise the glitter particles will fall out and the shadow will lose its dimension.
Another thing to take note of is the fallout with this particular eyeshadow. Always remember to tap off the excess on your brush when applying this eyeshadow, and do your concealer routine after the eyes, not before.

Orange Glow: This is a pretty interesting colour! It was suggested that I use this as a blush instead of an eyeshadow. I am pretty fair, so I used this to contour instead. I am so impressed! Plus, it has very finely milled  shimmer in it, so it works kind of like MAC's MSFs - it creates a gorgeous highlight. Because it's so sheer, it is really foolproof - just layer on as you go till you achieve your desired intensity.

Arabian Night: I am a sucker for purple, so I'm completely in love with this eyeshadow! Multi-dimensional and sheer, but so buildable. All I need is to swipe a few times and the colour goes from light and sheer to completely intense and vibrant.


Here's the FOTD I did using the colours Green Olive and Black Scandal on my lid, and Orange Glow below my cheekbones as a contour.

I wasn't using any highlight on the apples of my cheeks here - only the Orange Glow eyeshadow!

Overall, I am very impressed with the performance of these eyeshadows. I will definitely be using these in my upcoming looks, especially some Burlesque-inspired looks that I am thinking of doing. I also really want to try more colours in the near future!

Other products used were:

Elishacoy Gold Premium BB Cream
TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer (under the brows to highlight)
Sleek Storm palette (dark brown) for eyebrows
NYX Round Lipstick in Circe
Clinique Full Potential Lips in Play-full

If you liked what you saw, you can find the eyeshadows at this link. They retail for about AUD 13 to AUD 19.50 per eyeshadow pan.

Find out more about Vanity Box on their Facebook page.

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