FOTD: Orchid Inspired Look

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed my tweet about Raudhah's flowers. Raudhah is my housemate, and the guy she's going out with was so sweet - he came over with flowers for her!

The flowers were soooo gorgeous! Of course, being the total makeup obsessed junkie that I am, I immediately started taking pictures to take with me to my makeup drawers to create an eye look using their colours.

I used a variety of different eyeshadows from a number of different brands and palettes for this look, but if you're looking for just the one palette that will help you achieve this entire look, it would be the Sleek Circus palette.

Funny thing is, I was hesitant about buying the Sleek Circus palette because I was so sure that I was only going to use a couple of colours. Turns out it was a terrific buy!

Oh, and the foundation I'm wearing? Face of Australia's Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation in Beige. No primer, no other foundation layered on top. Does it not look beautiful?? I'm so impressed by the foundation's finish and the way that it photographs!

If you're on a budget and can't afford the high-end foundations, I highly recommend this one! It retails for only AUD 15.95. I was sent mine for trial, but I would definitely go out and buy another one because I'm always doing so many makeup looks for fun at home and this provides a practically identical finish to my Chanel Pro Lumiere for a tiny fraction of the cost.

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