Product Review: The Face Shop Flower Shimmering Pearl Base

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What it claims to do

This product is meant to be used as a makeup base to create an all-over shimmery glow. It claims to moisturize the skin and create the effect of luminous skin. It can also be used over makeup as a highlighter.

The product comes in a tall-ish bottle, with a tulip-like cover. It has a pump dispenser, which is convenient, but pumps way more than you would need for a single application.

It comes in only 1 colour - which is a white-pearl colour with a slight purplish tinge. There are very minuscule flecks of purple and white shimmer in it, which is mostly where the purple tinge comes from.


This base is really lightweight, which kind of surprised me at the beginning. It is almost watery, and really much lighter than any other product I've ever tried. Think lighter than Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.
It is not at all greasy, so once smoothed out, the skin is silky to the touch.

There is a very pleasant, but strong fragrance in this product. It smells very flowery, and the smell stays on throughout the night, so those with sensitive noses should be weary of this. It didn't bother me at all, and I actually liked it. The only issue I had was that it masked the smell of my perfume :)


I really liked the overall appearance of my skin after applying this product. I didn't think there would be much of a difference once I applied my foundation, but there is a noticeable difference in the luminosity of my skin.

It is also amazing if used as a highlighter, because it is so lightweight, and will not mess up the application of the rest of your makeup. I use it on my cheekbones, and it looks amazing. It does rub off, though, like almost all makeup does. Thankfully, the shimmer is very finely milled and subtle, so there's no need to worry too much about whatever it has rubbed off on.

Here is a look I did using this makeup base.

I bought this quite a while back, but now that I've been doing all these FOTDs and makeup tutorials, I find I've been reaching for this more and more. It provides a really good base for foundation to stick to. I've worn this makeup base out on a number of occasions, and it has helped my foundation stay well and put throughout the night, no matter how much dancing or drinking I did. It didn't help much with the staying power of my blush, so if anyone has any product recommendations that will help me do that, please, help! :)

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