Chinese New Year Series: Chinese Opera Inspired

Sunday, February 06, 2011

For a few days every Chinese New Year, members of the Chinese Opera perform in various locations throughout the country.

Stages are set up in housing areas, and people come to watch the traditional chinese opera. I'm not sure if they practice this during Chinese New Year, but during the Hungry Ghost Festival, the front rows are left empty. These rows are supposed to be for the 'spirits', and no one is allowed to sit in these first few rows.

I never really understood the Chinese opera, mainly since everything is sung in traditional Chinese. I did enjoy the theatrical makeup, though! So I decided to play off that for my next Chinese New Year FOTD.

I wore this in the daytime, so I had to keep it simple. Don't want to scare the kids, now, do we?

The gorgeous purple-y colour on the outer lid is part of a set of mineral eyeshadows that I received from Ragged Blossom Beauty, completely handmade, which I will be reviewing soon!

Photo with camera flash.

I'm sorry about the lack of updates - we're trying out a new internet connection that's supposed to be a lot faster than our old connection, but so far it's been pretty horrible.

I will update whenever I can get the internet up and running!

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