FOTD: Balinese Inspired

Monday, February 28, 2011

When we were on holiday in Bali, I always noticed the Balinese dancers and their gorgeous makeup. My sisters took a picture with them every chance they got, so I had plenty of pictures to look through. This FOTD is inspired by the Balinese dancers and their beautiful makeup.

I used Radium from Urban Decay as the blue eyeshadow, and red and turquoise from the Sleek 'Circus' palette.

If you're wondering about that black spot in my right eye in the picture below, that's a mole-ish thing that I have. Not some splotch of eyeliner that got into my eye. Weird, I know.

The way the Balinese dancers wore it was way more beautiful and vibrant, but I was trying to tone this down to wear as everyday makeup. It's still pretty out there, but I love blue, so I just can't help myself :)

Here's a little close up of the eyes:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I'm a little bit sad that I'm leaving Malaysia this week. But Michelle and Raudhah are making me miss Melbourne and Chloe, so I'm excited about going back to Melbourne too. Ah, the life of an international student.

Oh, and thank you all for helping me reach 100 followers! I'm so grateful, and now I can launch the giveaway! :)

Look out for a post on the giveaway soon!

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