How to Get Zebra Print Nails Without Konad Nail Stamps

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So I did the leopard thing, and my animal print nails obsession only grew stronger.

Soon, I was trying out the zebra print. Here's how it turned out for me:

Zebra print nails are pretty challenging, so bear in mind that you're gonna have to practice a little before you start doing your nails.

Here's what you need:

A white nail polish: get something that's pigmented enough so you won't need to do too many layers (Mine was horrible - I needed 4 layers before it came anywhere close to opaque)
A black nail polish: I used OPI's Who Are You Wearing?
A thin nail art brush - if you don't have one, I suggest using the brush from an old liquid eyeliner
A zebra print nail as a guide - if you just use a zebra print swatch, you won't be able to tell where to start unless you outline a nail onto the swatch

You can use this nail swatch as a guide

You can use any colour you want, of course. In my case, I had never tried a white nail before, so I was really excited to do the traditional colours.


Apply white nail polish and wait for it to dry.

Dab your black nail polish onto a piece of paper and dip your nail art brush into it.

Start your zebra pattern. Make sure that you follow your picture guide, otherwise it'll end up looking weird.

Also, make sure that you have a lot of black polish on your brush, otherwise the white will show through and you will have to go over the line again - not such a good idea.

Top it off with a clear top coat.


If your brush and black polish start to get a little dry, lightly dip your brush into nail polish remover, then swirl in the black polish. That should liquify it a little.

Don't worry about lines that aren't straight - it's meant to be like that anyway.

Remember to wait for your black polish to dry before you apply your top coat, otherwise you risk dragging and smudging your nail polish.

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