Get the Look: Tri-colour Blue Eye (Sleek 'Circus' Palette)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm finally doing a makeup tutorial! I decided to leave work for another day (after all, it is a holiday, right?) and post a little look done with the Sleek 'Circus' palette.

I just received it a couple of days ago, so I will be doing a review on the Sleek palettes that I have soon.

I've resorted to taking pictures like this because that's the only way I get to show the full effect of the eyeshadow without closing my eyes. Asian eyes, what can you do!

So here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get this look:

First, use a cream eyeshadow or an eyeshadow pencil to outline the area where the shadow should go.

For this look, I wanted the shadow to show just a little bit when my eyes were open. So I opened my eyes and drew the outline with my eyeshadow pencil (Avon Arabian Glow Clearly Shadowed Eye Pencil in Turquoise), then filled it in.

Take the matte turquoise colour from the Sleek 'Circus' palette, and apply onto the eyeshadow pencil, focusing on the inner half of the eye.
Use the sponge applicator or a pencil brush to deliver a more intense wash of colour.

With the sponge applicator/pencil brush, apply the dark blue shimmer colour from the palette onto the middle part of your lid.

Lightly blend it into the matte turquoise colour, either with your finger or with a blending brush. Be careful not to blend too much, so that the turquoise colour doesn't get muddy.

Again with the same applicator, take the black colour from the palette, and focus it on the outer corners of your eyes.

Very lightly, blend it into the blue.

Using a blending brush, take the shimmery purple colour in the palette, and blend it into the crease, at the same time softening the edges of your blue eyeshadows.

Take care with your blending, because the colours might spread a little too much, or blend into one another, creating a very 'muddy' effect.

Line your top and bottom lids (I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack), then use an eyeliner brush to mix the black and dark blue colours from the palette, and smudge the bottom liner.

Apply a warm pink blush (mine is Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour in Bare Radiance)

Apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes, the brow and cheek bones, and the nose-bridge. My favourite highlighter is TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer.

Slick on some lipstick and lipgloss, and you're done!

Here are pictures of the final look:

Ignore the funny face :)

The lipstick and gloss colours were a total accident, so I won't bore you with the details unless you have a lot of money and really like this colour. In that case, send me an email and I'll give you a full breakdown :)

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

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