Trip to Mount Dandenong

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winston and Jace's friends, Wilson and Jien Ann, were kind enough to take us up to Mount Dandenong the other day. The four of us, Jace and I, and Rue Bee and Winston, rented a car, and followed their car up to check out the sights.

We ate at Miss Marples (the scones were SO disappointing!) and Pie in the Sky (pretty good pies). I love going in search for food when we go on trips!

At Pie in the Sky with Rue Bee

Outside Miss Marples

We also took in the sights at Sky High, walking through the gardens and taking a few pictures on the balconies.

It wasn't too hot, though the sun was shining down in full force. I loved that we got to explore and satisfy my food hunting urges. I want to go on an all out food outing soon. Maybe here, maybe in Malaysia. Either way, I will document it and post it here! :)

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