Seven Nightclub

Saturday, December 04, 2010

We went out clubbing two nights in a row - yesterday night, and the night before that.

So we went to Unlucky Thursdays at Seven nightclub (not an Asian night), and Velvet Fridays (Asian night).

What a tremendous difference!

I like white people, I think you guys are great, but my gosh I don't like your clubbing music! I didn't feel like dancing, the songs were giving me a headache, and no matter how buzzed we got, it just wasn't cutting it. We left right before 11PM.

On Friday, we went again, because I wanted to show Rue Bee and Winston the difference. Friday night was fun.

The music was terrific, we had an awesome time jumping around and screaming our favourite songs out loud, and the beats were perfect!

And now I still have a little bit of alcohol in my system, my voice sounds a little funny, and everyone's still really sleepy. Ah, what it is to be young! :)

Dragging them to Vic Market soon. Hoping they'll still love me when I'm shaking them awake!

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