Our Dinner at Misty's Diner

Monday, December 06, 2010

On one of their first days here, we took Winston and Rue Bee to Misty's Diner to try out the food there. It was all of our first times there, too.

When we first got there, I was a little bit disappointed looking in from the outside. It is a small, unassuming little place, and I didn't really think much of it. But my impression of it changed as soon as we walked in. There were colours everywhere, and it was so lively and bright. The music was great, the waitresses were friendly and smiling, and the food was pretty good!

We had the Carb Coma Platter - it had cheese sticks, chilli fries, fried mushrooms, veggie bites and potato mashies.

The cheese sticks were AMAZING! The chilli cheese fries were just okay for me, but I loved their gravy and potato mashies. Poor Jace had a soccer game and couldn't eat, so we're thinking of going there again soon so he can try the food there. He loves American diner-type food.

We ordered the brownie for dessert. It was pretty good, but nothing really special.

What's great about Misty's Diner is that they have this counter up the front, which sells all the snack food I was talking about in my American snack food post. I finally tried a Twinkie!
But it was disappointing. Nothing about it was good. Twiggies taste better   :(

Twinkie rant aside, I think this is a really great place. Everyone should try it at least once. Make sure to go early or book a table, because it gets pretty packed, even on a Monday night!

You can check out their website at MistysDiner.com.au.

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