Rue Bee and Winston in Melbourne

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rue Bee and Winston are finally here! After years of waiting, months of planning, and countless hours talking about it, they're finally here in Melbourne with us  :)

They arrived yesterday morning at 11am. We picked them up at Southern Cross station, excitedly chatting about our plans and their journey here.

We spent yesterday wandering around Melbourne Central and Bourke street, and then had some chocolate at Max Brenner. I don't have any pictures from that, because they're in the other camera.

I do have pictures of our dinner on Lygon, which was delicious! I've never tasted a more fresh pizza crust here in Melbourne ever! We also had to stop at Freddos for the must-have Rocher gelato (they had durian-flavoured gelato, too)

Later on at night, we played a few drinking games, and Chloe became our dealer at poker.

Today we're heading out shopping! Will update you guys tomorrow :)

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