Revelations at Vic Market

Saturday, November 20, 2010

After an eternity of being cooped up at home, studying for exams, I'm finally starting to go out again.

Today, I went out to Vic Market with the boyfriend for a leisurely grocery run. I still have a research paper to hand in, so I'm not quite ready to while the day away doing the things that I do.

What's interesting is that, during lunch, we suddenly had this talk about our future, about what we both want, separately and together. It's a hard thing to do, listening and sharing, especially with people as different as the two of us. We wanted some of the same things, but we also wanted some very different things. We disagreed on how we would get where we wanted to get.

But at the same time, these differences brought to light the fact that we could compromise with one another; give and take without really compromising too much of ourselves. This showed us harmonizing at our best.

I know to most people, this may not be a lot. In fact, it may not be anything at all.

But it showed me, and taught me a lot about our relationship. I'm glad we had the talk, and I'm glad we're able to do the things that we do.

And I got all this from a simple trip to Vic Market   :)

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