My Lunch Date

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

So, I have a little confession to make.

On the day my take home exam (now safely finished and handed in) was due to be distributed, I went out. On lunch date with the boyfriend, and then to do a little shopping for random stuff our apartment needed.

It felt sooooo good! I don't know if we were lucky or unlucky to have gone out on such a glorious, sunny day. I went out in a cardigan, but by the time noon hit, I'd taken it off and the sun was beating down hard on my shoulders. It felt good at first, but then it became soooo hot!!

After that, it was just a matter of time before I was dying to get home. Imagine what summer will be like *gulp*

Rue Bee make sure you bring your coolest, thinnest clothes when you come to visit!

I wore my new cropped waterfall vest that day, and made the mistake of wearing jeggings - in my defence, it was cool out at first!

People have already broken out the gladiator sandals and the short-shorts! Bring on the warmth!

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