Our Bali Hotel Plans

Thursday, October 07, 2010

My family and I are big believers in planning ahead. Especially when it comes to trips!

Since Bali is fast approaching, we started looking for hotels about a week ago. Mich and I used Agoda.com, which I think is an amazing website with plenty of hotel options and the ease of booking and instant confirmation online. Not to mention the discounts that you get when you book with them!

We were searching for quite some time, because unfortunately, a small section of the group is redeeming points at the Holiday Inn Baruna Bali, and the rest of us need to find a hotel both nearby and affordable.

Luckily, Agoda has an interactive map, and we soon found a suitable hotel - Adhi Jaya. Has anyone stayed there before? It seemed like quite a good deal, and has an awesome location both close to Kuta and the Holiday Inn.

I was just wondering if anyone had anything to say about this hotel, or any other hotels in Bali, for that matter. I also want to find out if there are any cool night spots to visit while we're there.

I'm also still trying to decide what to do in Bali! There will be a lot of beach sessions, for sure, but I also want to explore those clifftops, and markets, and maybe take in some historical sites. I'm pumped! :)

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