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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I remember back in college, before exam period came round, I started going to the library with my friends.

I'd stay back after class (ah, the luxuries of having your own car) and find my own little study carrel beside my friends, and I'd study till the sun went down.

I remember each time I started studying, I'd flip through the sheer volume of text from the point where I last stopped. Sometimes, if I gave in to the pressure, I'd just silently sob for a few seconds, and lay my head down on the table and just take deep breaths to try and calm myself down.

And then when I was done studying, or when it was time to go home for dinner, I'd get up, gather my books, and walk out. More often than not, we'd leave just as the sun was setting. There'd always be this calming, orange light out, and the sky would be a picture of gorgeous yellows, purples and blues.

And I'd feel so at peace. I'd feel like at that very moment, I'd done all I could do in a day, and that I'd done enough. I'd feel content.

I hadn't really felt that feeling since then. It had been a really, really long time. Today, however, I had that very same feeling. It was evening, and I'd just finished my last lecture for the day. I looked up from my computer screen, and I was overcome with that same contentment. It takes a heck of a lot of studying and tears to get to that point each day, but I guess, it's worth it.  :)

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