Get the Look: Leighton Meester's Gorgeous Looks

Friday, October 22, 2010

Boy, have I got an awesome treat for your eyes! Leighton Meester in not one, but two completely different, but equally beautiful looks - both done by makeup artist Chris Colbeck

Look how amazing Leighton Meester looked at this Reebok event! Her skin looks gorgeous, her makeup isn't too heavy, and that lipstick is awesome.

Here's how you achieve this look. It's a little expensive, but it looks soooo worth it!

Apply La Mer Eye Balm around the eyes, then La Mer moisturising cream all over the face and neck, giving it 5 minutes to absorb.

Use Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer under the eyes

Chantecaille's "Just Skin" tinted moisturiser in Glow for the T-zone

Set the foundation with Laura Mercier's translucent powder - working it into the skin with a brush to remove any surface layers

Curl your eyelashes - a good tip is to heat it for a couple of seconds with a blowdryer before you curl. Not too long, though, because it is hot!

Apply Diorshow Mascara in Blackout to your top lashes. Be very generous, focusing on the outer corners. Coat lower lashes with a brown mascara for a softer, daytime look.

Line the lashes, sticking to the roots, with MAC eyeliner in Blacktrack, sweeping it out slightly at the outer corners, and smudging it a little below the eye.

This next look is a more edgy, nighttime, daring look. It is also really beautiful, and I love how the colours pop!

First, prep the skin with La Mer The Regenerating Serum, then apply foundation

Line the top and bottom of the outer eyes with dark purple gel liner, then sweep it out to create a feline shape

Sweep a layer of voilet shadow across the middle of the lids towards the inner corners.

Then, use a green shade along the lower lids and on the top lids from the middle out

Line the waterline with a soft black pencil, then coat lashes with mascara.

For a few tips on how to create a more dramatic looking eye, check out this post. In it, I also recommend good, pigmented eyeshadows, which you need in order to create a look as bold as Leighton's in the second and third pictures.

Try it out!

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