My Royal Melbourne Show Experience

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jason's parents were actually supposed to head out with their friends today, but since they weren't doing anything interesting, everyone decided to go to the Royal Melbourne Show to check it out.

I'd actually been wanting to go since my first year here, but never found the time, people, or energy to go until now. I was quite excited about the food, the games, and the general atmosphere. I love carnivals.

So we all trooped over to Southern Cross station to get tickets.

The thing that annoyed me about the ticket booth at Southern Cross was the fact that normal tertiary student cards were not accepted for concession tickets. They only accepted Victorian student concession cards. We had to go all the way to the showgrounds and wait in line to buy the tickets. In the end, they didn't even check the student cards.

Anyway, the carnival was everything I expected it to be - big, loud, happy, and with plenty of things to do....

...if only I weren't so cheap.

Everything had an extra charge! The rides were at least $7 each, the games were ridiculously overpriced, and you couldn't do anything without paying extra money. I didn't feel like spending that much money trying to get a huge bear I'd lug home to collect dust in the corner, so none of us tried any of the games or sat on any of the rides.

The highlight of my day was the cotton candy, followed by the animal section of the carnival. The dogs, rabbits, cats, and snakes on display were so fun to pet and look at. They even had ponies, herding dogs, and pigs! I know, I sound like such a kid, but that was the best part of my day! The dogs were so cute, and there were some breeds I'd never even heard of before this!

We left pretty early, because everything was pretty pricey, and we'd walked past almost everything by then. My only regret was that I didn't eat enough :(

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